Finding Learning Logs




  • Dr Michelle Peters

    Where are all my documents that I had uploaded to the RCGP site such as BLS certificates etc.

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  • Dr Erujj Rizvi

    Similar question. I am unable to find any draft entries that were not submitted as well as the documents that I uploaded for completed entries such as BLS, Safeguarding etc

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  • Dr Farhang Hessami

    I would like to raise my concern about the migration from RCGP portfolio to Fourteen Fish, this FF is absolutely useless platform, all my entries and library documents have disappeared despite of contacting Fourteen Fish so far I have not received any explanation of what happened and why everything shows zero, no entries at all from 7th March/2020, by 30th Sept. I have to have my self rating, not even this is showing in that FF webpage. 

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  • Dr Anwar Zafar Jilani

    I have worked on an but I am unable to find the draft. All my work is lost :-(. Dear FourteenFish you need to fix it. 

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  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi Michelle, Erujj, Farhang and Anwar,

    Thank you for comments and we do apologise if we haven't been able to fully answer any questions that you have raised with us as yet.

    We're trying our very best to answer Support queries as quickly as possible but we are aware our response time is not where we would like it to be at the current time.

    I have created follow up tickets on the back of your comments here and I will aim to get back to each of you today and look at your specific queries.

    It does sounds as though there may be an issue with draft learning logs so I will just ask for a couple of examples from yourselves (in my response on your Ticket).

    Once we have more details/examples we can follow this up with our development team to look into and it might be that we need to chat to the College directly about this too.

    We will also aim to update our help articles shortly as we are aware we could provide a bit more detail on where specific entry types may exist.

    Please rest assured we'll aim to help you find your entries and we really are here to help!

    Do feel free to ask any other questions via our Support Desk as that is the most direct way to contact us.

    Jo Rees 

    Assistant Support Manager & FFARMS Lead

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