Where do I send patient surveys?




  • Dr Roland Simpson

    This article doesnt say how to upload them via my account. If I had seen that I would not now be looking....not very helpful . Advice needed asap!

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  • Hannah Roche

    Hi Dr Simpson,

    I am very sorry that you didn't find the help you were looking for in this article. I have sent you a direct message with details of how to upload the survey responses and updated this page for other users who encounter the same issues.

    Please do get back to us on support@fourteenfish.com if you have any further queries.

    Kind Regards


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  • Dr Siva Balasingam

    Hi Hannah

    I uploaded two pages of the patient survey, confused me showing the single page number when I uploaded the second page, then I said submit and now I am unable to upload any more. Question is I need access to upload my other patient surveys, Also when we upload does it show the file name u[loaded each time. Please advise. Do I wait till I reach the minimum number of patient surveys before I upload. Do I upload all at once.

    Thank you

    Siva Balasingam

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  • Phil Wilks

    Hi Siva, we've received a support ticket from you about this and will reply soon. 

    At the moment you need to upload all your surveys in one file.

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